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Covid Guidelines 2022

Mi Casa Covid Guidelines


Mi Casa ASC is committed to the safety and protection of our children and our community. All COVID Safety Protocols will be undertaken to ensure this.

All staff employed at Mi Casa ASC have met the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and will operate under the Vaccine Certified regulations as determined by the Education sector.

Public Health Regulations will be in place to help reduce the risk of Covid-19.


For a more detailed break-down on what the Traffic Light System means please visit covid19.govt.nz

Please note that Mi Casa will undergo deep cleaning of premises and resources before re-opening our doors.


There will be a few changes to how Mi Casa can operate on a daily basis.

- Our staff members will have the option to wear a mask indoors.

- Outdoor activities do not require mask wearing, however wearing a mask outdoors is supported for personal choice.

- All children will be supported in their personal decision to wear or not wear a mask, however wherever it is a safety rule, Mi          Casa will provide children with disposable masks.

- If any staff member is feeling unwell, they must immediately leave the premises and provide a negative Covid Test result to           return to work.

- In the event of a positive Covid-19 test result, Mi Casa will inform the Ministry of Health and the school Principal immediately. - - Families will be notified and procedures will be in place to eliminate further risk.

- Any child showing signs or symptoms of illness will be appropriately isolated with minimal disruption to the child, and parents     will be called to collect their child immediately.

- Mi Casa staff are to ensure they keep at least 1m distance to others


- No parents/caregivers are to enter the Church Premises to collect their child/ren.

- Sign in and sign out will be set up at the entrance door.

- A contactless option is available for sign in and sign out of children with our Aimy Plus App (you can download this app onto         your phone)

- For parents who are unable to use contactless sign in/out, Staff may do this on your behalf.

- All parents, caregivers and visitors must wear a mask at all times and practice social distancing at all times.

- Visitors to the site are restricted. Any visitors will be required to scan the NZ Covid Tracer app or sign a register to ensure             mandatory contact tracing can be undertaken. All visitors must wear a mask and comply with social distancing.

- No Vaccine Passport, No Entry.

- During school holidays children may be collected from the entrance door (this to be determined)

Please follow all guidelines as Mi Casa reserves the right to restrict anyone who refuses to follow safety protocols from the site, this is to ensure the safety of our staff and children on site.


- NZ Covid Tracer app QR code poster is displayed at each drop off/collection point for team members, families and visitors to       use. We also have a manual recording system should people not be able to use the NZ COVID Tracer app

- COVID-19 awareness posters will be visibly on display

- All Mi Casa Health and Safety base procedures as well as additional COVID procedures will be in operation

- All Mi Casa programme site and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned prior to opening and on closing

- Equipment will be cleaned daily after use

- Extra emphasis will be placed on hand-washing/sanitizing before and after activities (especially small group activities)

- An updated COVID-19 onsite safety checklist is completed each day prior to any children re-entering the programme

- A COVID-19 RAMS checklist will be undertaken prior to re-opening to assist with mitigating any additional potential risk               factors

Please refer to the Minstry of Health Covid-19 Page for more information: https://covid19.govt.nz/


The guidelines as set under the Ministry of Health when operating in ‘Red’ under the Protection Framework in ‘Phase 3’ are as follows:

• If your child is awaiting a Covid test or has tested positive for Covid, please contact Mi Casa Management (Jansyl and Lisa)       immediately. Mi Casa will ensure that all close contacts are informed.

• Those who test positive for Covid and families that live with a positive case, are the only ones required to isolate.

• Those who are awaiting a test or are positive and isolating, can only return to Mi Casa after their full isolation period and the   return of a negative Covid test.

• If a staff member at Mi Casa tests positive for Covid, we will inform all close contacts immediately and that staff member will 

 be immediately stood down and will not be able to return to work until full isolation period is complete along with a negative

 Covid test result.

• If Mi Casa is down a staff member, we will have to operate on limited capacity. We will only take a maximum of 10 children per   day to manage staff ratios.

Please note when making a booking, we do not offer refunds or credits. We will offer sessions in lieu IF Mi Casa is responsible for closure of our Programme due to Covid Isolation (staff) or Lockdowns.

Based on any future changes and guidance from the New Zealand Government, Mi Casa will adjust their procedures, guidelines and requirements accordingly and this page will be republished.